Lawn Care Funnels

In my last post I talked about ranking your lawn care website. Once you have ranked your website the next step is to convert people from interest to leads and eventually customers. A funnel is a great way to do this, you want the top of the funnel to catch people who access your website, getting people to fill out your form is a great way to start your funnel. Creating an incentive to fill out the form could be as simple as offering a free estimate to offering a guide to how to make your lawn look it’s best. 

Once you have the contact information you can then sell to your customers. One way I use to sell people who have interest in services we provide is Service Autopilot it has email marketing built into the program. As you market to your leads some will become customers which is the bottom of the funnel. When the customers that were once leads become paying customers you will be needing to spend some of your hard earned money and I would suggest that you shop at your local lawn mower supply company for the great tax write off of new equipment. 



How to increase your lawn care businesses web ranking. 

We as business owners are always trying to raise our rankings on google to get our business in front of people. Most people don’t look past the first of google, especially when looking for services. Google your ranking for lawn mowing and see where you rank for your town. If your not on the first page, you’re losing money. Those clients who are looking for lawn mowing are not finding you and not putting money in your pocket. Your probably asking yourself how do I rank higher?

You can pay someone to take care of all your search engine optimization or you can do it yourself with a lot of work. You need to weigh your options. Here are a few things you can do to help your website.

  1. Claim your listings: google maps, yelp, houzz, etc…
  2. To help claim your listings you can use a website called moz local to check your listings.
  3. You can create a Facebook page to help link your site. This creates a back link.
  4. You can blog, blogging can help your page have more content for google to crawl.
  5. Get positive reviews, positive reviews help you show up against the competition. Google will show businesses with higher rankings above other businesses. With 5 ratings your stars will actually show up.

If you are looking to increase your sales with a great return on investment a website that is optimized can be a great idea. It is a 24 hour sales person that allows people to reach your business.